Holiday home with private pool

Vakantiehuis met privé zwembad

Midden in de Drentse natuur

  • Water fun & splashing fun guaranteed
  • Relaxation among the trees
  • Ultimate relaxation

Dive into luxury & splash around in style

in your private pool

Imagine waking up on a bright morning in your luxury holiday home with private pool and starting the day with a refreshing dip, surrounded by absolute tranquillity. The water droplets glisten, you feel the sun on your skin and experience the outdoor life of Rolde. As evening falls and your pool transforms into an atmospheric haven, you enjoy an evening dive under the stars. Welcome to a world where luxury, tranquillity and nature embrace each other. Welcome to your personal swimming paradise!

Discover your holiday villa with pool ⤵

3 nights
2 people

Unbrick Family | Sauna & Heated Private Pool | 2+4 Pers.

Netherlands, Drenthe, Rolde
  • Private Heated Pool & Sauna
  • Superdeluxe in nature
  • One bedroom for you and one for the kids
3 nights
2 people

Unbrick One | Sauna and Private Pool | 6 Pers.

Netherlands, Drenthe, Rolde
  • Private heated pool & sauna
  • 130m2 of holiday enjoyment
  • ultimate holiday bliss

Your pool, your pace

The holiday villas with private pool can accommodate 2, 4 and 6 people. So whether you just want to relax as a couple on an air mattress or have fun together with the whole family: our luxury holiday homes are suitable for everyone! The homes are equipped with everything you could wish for. From an outdoor kitchen and a stocked wine fridge to ensuite bathrooms and an outdoor lounge. You can set the house exactly to your liking: dim lights and sultry music or would you rather open everything and bring nature inside? Everything is possible at the touch of a button!

Our Unbrick One:

  • Modern designer kitchen
  • Luxury rain shower
  • Stocked wine climate cabinet
  • Upgrade possible: sauna and/or jacuzzi
  • Luxury & comfort guaranteed

Your private pool in the spotlight✨

Meet Roodewoud

At Roodewoud, you step into an oasis of luxury and relaxation, in the middle of the Drenthe countryside. The perfect way to enjoy your holiday, away from the crowds and at your own pace. Where everything soon feels like a home away from home. In a park full of luxury amenities, you immediately feel at ease.

    Climbing forest
    Children's jungle
    Bike rental

Perception in the environment

Rolde, an oasis of natural tranquillity, invites you to experience the outdoors. Here, experience peace and quiet, enjoy singing birds and discover the most beautiful spots of this nature reserve. The Pieterpad leads adventurers through the heart of Rolde, with its green fields and rustic paths. Explore the Balloërveld, a beautiful heathland area with historic burial mounds. Or immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of Assen, located less than 7 km away. Sample local delicacies here and enjoy local produce in the many restaurants.

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✤ Is the pool open all year round?

Absolutely! We understand that you want to enjoy water fun all year round, so the pool is heated year-round and the pool temperature is between 25 and 28 degrees.

✤ What wellness facilities are there?

Need to unwind even more? All our properties have a sauna: melt away at 80 degrees. You can also choose an upgrade in the form of a jacuzzi, which is the ultimate in enjoyment!

✤ What should we not miss in Rolde?

The Pieterpad! This is the longest hiking trail in the Netherlands, stretching from the far north to the deep south. The route through Rolde takes you along picturesque streets surrounded by traditional farms and green meadows. Definitely worth a visit!

✤ Is the pool sustainable?

At Roodewoud, you can sustainably enjoy pure nature and all the luxury. Even the private pool is heated in a sustainable way using solar panels and a heat pump.