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Nazomeren in september

midden in de Drentse natuur

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Radiant September days

Late summer in September means escaping the summer crowds but enjoying the last rays of the sun to the full. Imagine yourself waking up to the soft morning sun shining in through the windows, surrounded by greenery and the sound of birds singing. Your natural alarm clock for a relaxing morning, followed by a lovely walk across the heathland of Ballo√ęrveld or through Dwingelderveld National Park. After exertion comes relaxation, so unwind in your private spa: dive into your heated pool, de-stress in the sauna or bubble in the Jacuzzi.

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September at Roodewoud


    As night falls and your pool transforms into an atmospheric haven, you enjoy an evening dive under the stars. Welcome to a world where luxury, tranquillity and nature embrace.


    Grab your relaxation moment in our durable Unbrick One, equipped with a jacuzzi. Go bubble together or enjoy your ultimate wellness moment in the Frisian countryside.


    After hard work, it is time to relax and unwind. Step straight from your home into your own sauna. Relax for as long as you want, at Roodewoud we want you to enjoy carefree.

Late summer in Drenthe


    This beautiful moorland is worth exploring. You will find bog lakes, a pine forest and small sand drifts. In short; the perfect place for lovely walks.


    Located around and on recreational lake De Kleine Moere, the climbing forest offers a challenge for everyone from young to old. There are six courses varying between two and 12 metres in height.


    Want to experience the racing feeling yourself at the most famous motor circuit in the Netherlands? Visit the circuit during one of the races or get behind the wheel yourself!


‚ú§ Can I use my swimming pool in September?

Absolutely! We understand that you want to enjoy water fun all year round, so the pool is heated year-round and the pool temperature is between 25 and 28 degrees.

‚ú§ What's on in Rolde in September?

There is plenty to do in Rolde in September. You can discover the prehistoric dolmens, enjoy nature in the National Park Drentsche Aa, walk the Pieterpad and explore the atmospheric centre of Rolde. For cultural entertainment, visit Drents Museum in Assen.

‚ú§ What wellness facilities are there?

At Roodewoud, you will totally unwind with your private wellness. Almost all our homes have a sauna: melt away at 80 degrees. In addition, you can choose an upgrade in the form of a jacuzzi, which is ultimate enjoyment!

‚ú§ Is the pool sustainable?

At Roodewoud, you can sustainably enjoy pure nature and all the luxury. Even the private pool is heated in a sustainable way using solar panels and a heat pump.