Holidays in June
  • Holiday before summer rush
  • Green Boutique park
  • Hidden among the trees

Relaxed holidays in June

Be ahead of the summer rush and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing holiday at Resort Roodewoud. With us, you can enjoy a stay in a modern home with its own private swimming pool, jacuzzi, infrared and sauna or a combination of your favourite relaxation elements. Our sustainable holiday homes are located in the green area of Rolde, so you are surrounded by beautiful nature at all times. Walk straight from your cottage into nature and breathe in the freshness of early summer. You deserve a pampering moment in June, don't you think?

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Exertion and relaxation at Roodewoud

Besides enjoying yourself in your private pool, jacuzzi and/or sauna, you can certainly have fun at our park too! Meet at the Clubhouse to have a sporty and enjoyable day from there. Will you opt for a game of jeu de boules with your family or would you rather go to the multicourt to play a game of football with your holiday friends? There are also plenty of fun facilities for the kids at the park. The water playground is a place where your children can expend all their energy while exploring, climbing and clambering. The abundance of obstacles ensures that even the youngest ones have plenty of fun!

5x fun activities:

  • Meeting in the Clubhouse
  • Playing boules
  • Fun on the multicourt
  • Hire a bicycle and explore the area
  • Climbing and clambering in the water playground

This is what pre-summer at Roodewoud looks like ⤵

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Unbrick One: sustainable and smart holiday homes

At our Green Boutique park, you will find beautiful Unbrick One homes. These holiday homes feature solar panels on the roof that generate more energy than they consume, even with a heated private pool! So your stay in one of these homes not only offers maximum comfort, but also contributes to sustainability. The Unbrick One homes are very comfortable thanks to the latest technical gadgets. All facilities in the house can be adjusted to your own wishes. Dim lights and sultry music or rather open everything and bring nature inside, it is all possible at the push of a button.

    Scheinwerfer für Abblendlicht
    Smart speakers
    Wine climate cabinet
    Solar panels on the roof
    Electronic smart lock
    Smart thermostat

Outdoor adventure

On the border of Rolde in Drenthe, in the middle of beautiful forests, lies Green Boutique park Roodewoud. Walk straight from your wellness cottage into nature and get to know the picturesque Rolderug. Explore Drenthe with challenging walking and cycling routes and discover the enchanting surroundings with its ancient dolmens and picturesque esdorpen. The iconic 'Pieterpad' also passes the village of Rolde. Will you also take part in this beautiful route? After an adventurous day, enjoy a pleasant evening at the catering establishments in the centre of Rolde and enjoy a snack and a drink.

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Handy to know:

≡ What is the advantage of holidaying June?

If you go on holiday in June, you will enjoy fantastic benefits. For example, you can relax in peace, as you are ahead of the rush of the summer holidays. The temperature in June is often very pleasant, allowing you to top up your tan during your relaxing holiday. In addition, there are often more options and availability in the June month.

≡ What makes Unbrick One holiday homes special?

Our Unbrick One holiday homes are made in a sustainable way, using reusable wood, solar panels and double glazing. In addition, each holiday home at Roodewoud park has private wellness, this can be either a private pool, jacuzzi, sauna or a combination.


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